Ty Vatta

Human, male, 175lbs, flamboyant


Male Medium Human Noble 3

Age 22, Height 5’11”, Weight 172lbs

Destiny 3; Force 6; Dark Side 0

Init + 2;

Senses Perception + 7

Languages: Basic, Rodese, Jawa


  • Fort 14 ( + 3 level, + 1 Con)
  • Ref 19 ( + 3 level, +1 Class, +1 Dex, +4 combat jump suit)
  • Will 16 ( + 3 level, +2 Class, + 1 Wis)

HP 32; Threshold 13

Speed 6 squares

Ranged pistol + 3 (3d4)

Base Atk + 2; Grp + 1

Special Actions: none


  • Str 11
  • Dex 12
  • Con 12
  • Int 14
  • Wis 13
  • Cha 18

Talents: Influence Tree

  • Presence
  • Demand Surrender


  • Linguist
  • Quick Draw
  • Running Attack
  • Armor Proficiency (light)
  • weapon Proficiency (pistols and simple weapons)


  • Deception +10
  • Gather Information +10
  • Knowledge (bureaucracy) +8
  • Perception + 7
  • Persuasion +10
  • Pilot + 7
  • Ride + 7
  • Treat Injury +7
  • Use computer +8


  • blaster pistol (sporting)
  • combat jumpsuit
  • comlink (short-range)
  • med pak (6)
  • utility belt
  • all-temperature cloak
  • concealed holster
  • 14x ration packs

Encumbrance: 21.1 kg; Encumbrance: 11/22/33 kg.
Credits: 1,775
Destiny: TBD


Ty is the 3rd son of Zane Vatta, owner of well-known and well-respected intergalactic shipping company based on Corellia. Zane was deeply connected with the Empire and had many contracts for shipping military items. Ty’s older sister, Ky and older brother, Symon, are both well established ship captains who regularly work for the Empire. Ty, who was a “surprise” child, is 18 years younger than Ky and 20 years younger than Symon. Zane was never close to Ty and, although Ty was expected to follow in the paths of his siblings by being a ship captain for Vatta Shipping, LLC. Instead, however, he was instead drawn to other matters, including the rebels [more on how that happened later].

Ty’s father, who is nearly 50 years older than him, basically has no use for Ty. He doesn’t understand him nor makes any attempt to do so. Failures and disappoints were regular occurrences for Ty and each such setback pushed him away from his father and into the arms of people who would accept him, certain cells of Rebels. Perhaps the rebels were drawn to the name Vatta, thinking that perhaps Ty held more influence or access to ships or supplies, or perhaps they just liked him, but in any event he rose quickly to roles of leadership within the cell.

Ty’s involvement with the rebels began as a simple courier … assisting the rebels by secretly using Vatta ships to deliver messages. Later, he began smuggling small cargo and packages and ultimately began smuggling entire ships full of supplies and even people.

Over a year ago Ty “borrowed” a Vatta ship from Corellia and rushed to Ilum to rescue a group of rebels that faced capture and death at the hands of the Empire. The Empire, furious that a Vatta ship had been used to assist the rebels, arrested Zane, whose whereabouts are still unknown. Ky and Symon are furious with Ty and have cut off all access to Vatta’s ships and wealth, basically leaving Ty alone in the galaxy. This was the last step necessary for Ty to become fully involved in the rebellion.

Ty Vatta

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