Torvik Pace

Human Soldier/Scoundrel

  • Cpt. Torvik Pace received his piloting and spacer training in the service of his home planet of Tirahnn’s Security Force, which Torvik left after a Empire garrison was place on plant and the Security Force came under their command.
  • Cpt. Pace found and purchased Wicked Kismet as a neglected decommissioned Recon Service ship in a impound yard, it took some work getting the ship up and running deep space transportation runs but in a few mouths Wicked Kismet was once more traveling the galaxy.
  • Keeping Wicked Kismet flying for the past seven years have not been easy and Torvik has had to turn to illegal means more than once, which included several smuggling runs and even a case or two of being hired guns. Do to this Torvik has run afoul the law on more than one system or sector and he now seeks to clear his and Kismet’s name thought his service to the Rebellion, and the pay is a much wanted addition to this arrangement.


Cpt. Pace has been assigned a Rebel Alliance Navy Liaison Officer so as to pass on missions and intelligence from the Rebel command, this agent is Azira Vel’ra.

Torvik Pace

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