Kota Mazes

Near_Human Scoudrel

  • Kota was born on a ship, mother one of the ship’s Mechanics, father, unknown. That freighter spaceship was the only life she knew for first ten years of her life until one day the ship came out of hyperspace into a rogue asteroid storm which crippled the ship and killed several of the crew including Kota’s mother.
  • When the ship made it to the closest port, which happen to be the StarForge Station Kota was abandoned by the rest of the crew on the station. Life as a station street urchin was hard and Kota made her way as a snatcher and then latter even as a shine girl, but it wasn’t until she made her way as a info sniff that she was able to make enough credits to purchase a old cantina and start her own business at the age of 26.
  • Back Wake is a well respected spacer bar where captains and crew can drink with little hassle from the locals. Kota was able to make it so because she knew spacer, knew what the wanted in a bar and how to talk to them and in using her experience as a ship’s ward she was able to make Back Wake a viable business despite the competition and threats to it.


Kota has known Captain Torvik Pace for a long time now as he dealt with her when she was a info sniff giving a buying info on ships and policing agencies. He even landed her one of her biggest scores as a info sniff although it cost him dearly in the end and was got he a arrest warrant in the Tapani Sector.

Kota Mazes

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