Kaia Larn

Female human with a passion for piloting and a matching hatred for the Empire.


Female Medium Human Scout 3
Age 28, Height 1.6m, Weight 60 kg
Destiny 3; Force 6; Dark Side 0
Init + 4; Senses Perception + 8
Languages Basic

Defenses Ref 20, Fort 14, Will 16
( + 3 level, + 4 Dex, + 2 class, + 1 improved defenses)
( + 3 level, + 1 flight suit, – 2 Con, + 1 class, + 1 improved defenses)
( + 3 level, + 2 Wis, + 1 improved defenses)
HP 39; Threshold 13

Speed 8 squares
Ranged pistol + 7 (3d4)
Base Atk + 3; Grp + 4
Special Actions vehicular combat (1/round as reaction, while piloting negate a hit with Pilot vs. attack roll of weapon)

Abilities Str 13, Dex 18, Con 6, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 13
Talents Acute Senses, Long Stride
Feats Improved Defenses, Shake It Off, Skill Focus (pilot), Vehicular Combat, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple weapons)
Skills Endurance + 4, Initiative + 10, Knowledge (galactic lore) + 9, Knowledge (life sciences) + 9, Mechanics + 9, Perception + 8 (can reroll), Pilot + 15, Stealth + 10, Survival + 8

Equipment sporting blaster pistol with standard targeting scope (licensed), flight suit, comlink (short-range), medpack, audio recorder, all-temperature cloak, concealed holster, mesh tape, 6x power packs, 20x ration packs, An Alderaan History of Civil Quarrel, 5 credits.
Encumbrance 10.2 kg; Encumbrance 13/26/39 kg.

Destiny: Kaia is destined to discover the Empire’s plans for a second Death Star.


Galactic HoloNews Network: (24 BBY) Kyle and Anna Larn, the famous scouting couple, leave today on their most ambitious survey yet – a twenty-five-year mission outside any known Republic planets. With them they bring their two-year-old daughter Kaia, who according to reports is already learning how to fly their ship, the New Frontiers. The family is departing from their native planet of Alderaan, and expects to scout at least one hundred systems for inhabited planets.

The Larns’ last scouting expedition, returning only two years ago, searched the Ivax Nebula for habitable planets, and found several. Hopes are high for this expedition to find at least seven, and perhaps even another civilization entirely.

This news comes as a welcome diversion from the crises plaguing the Republic of late – the Emergency Powers Act in particular, as this column has mentioned before…We hope that the Larn family returns home safely to Alderaan, with triumphant news.

25 Years Later (1 year ago): The New Frontiers arrived home, to little fanfare. None whatsoever, actually. In fact, it was only with great skill and enormous luck that Kaia was able to avoid splattering the ship all over the new asteroid field that the New Frontiers arrived in the middle of. As it was, the ship was damaged beyond repair. The Larn family was picked up, only slightly the worse for wear, by a family-owned ship that had just finished the Returning. After hearing what had happened to Alderaan, the entire Larn family immediately joined the Rebel Alliance. Kaia joined for several reasons: first, she never really got to see her homeworld and blames the Empire for that; second, her parents had joined; and third, she believes that no one should be able to destroy a planet and get away with it.

After a failed attempt to get into Rogue Squadron, Kaia started shuttling some Alliance Intelligence people around, one of whom was Azira Vel’ra, a Bothan. Given her obvious skill in piloting, Azira tapped Kaia to help out with her newest project, the Wicked Kismet.

Description: Kaia is slight of build, which comes from living aboard a scouting vessel and living off of light rations for almost her entire life. She slightly favors her left side because of an old wound, taken four years ago on one of the last planets surveyed before her return, when a razor boar (a six-tusked boar with razor-sharp tusks) gored her badly enough that she spent eight months convalescing on board ship.

When at the helm of a ship – any ship, really – Kaia almost becomes the ship, able to pull off maneuvers that far more experienced spacehands envy. On some occasions, particularly with a ship she is quite familiar with, she actually loses herself in her piloting, becoming unresponsive to other people until the flight is over. Kaia prefers to do maintenance work herself, particularly in the engine room – not because she believes that no one else can, but because she believes it puts her more “in tune” with the ship.

When outside, Kaia is quiet, alert, and focused. She cannot sleep outside without some white noise (preferably a motor of some kind), as the absence is unnatural to someone who spent their entire life on board a ship.

Kaia Larn

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