Jakar Yarrow


Male Medium Human Soldier 3
Age 23, Height 1.93m, Weight 95 kg
Destiny 3; Force 6; Dark Side 0
Init + 7; Senses Perception + 10
Languages Basic , Rodian, Zabrak

Defenses Ref 24, Fort 20, Will 14
( + 3 level, + 4 Dex, + 1 class + 4 Armor, + 2 Dex Bonus)
( + 3 level, + 3 Con, + 2 class + 2 Armor)
( + 3 level, + 1 Wis)
HP 47; Threshold 18

Speed 6 squares
Ranged rifle (3d8) + 4
Base Atk + 3
Special Actions:

Abilities Str 15(2), Dex 18(4), Con 16(3), Int 14(2), Wis 13(1), Cha 12(1)
Talents Comrades In Arms, Armor Defense
Feats: Cyber Prosthetic , Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium), Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple weapons, heavy weapons, vibroblades), Weapon Finesse, Unstoppable Force, Combat Reflexes
Skills Endurance + 8, Initiative + 7 , Knowledge (tactics) +8,Perception + 10, Use Computer + 9

sporting blaster rifle with standard targeting scope (licensed)
Sporting Blaster Pistol (No scope)
Battle Armor ( + 8 Ref, + 2 Fort , + 2 Max Dex)
comlink (short-range)
Consealed holster for pistol
mesh tape
15x power packs = (-1) from Last Escape = 14
10x ration packs
Tool Kit (Droids)
100 Credits.
Encumbrance 25 kg;

Droid PartsAll Parts to be delivered to the Wicked Kismet

  • Duravlex Armor (R2 Armor to hide blaster shots)- Need to be installed when have free time
  • Sporting Blaster (CO needs a blaster since dealer did not provide one) Give when have time with CO
  • Credit Reader (R2 checks credit of shopping centers to check reliability)
  • Binary – to – Basic Translator (R2 can only buy once for convenient communication)

Destiny: Jakar wants to find a place in this world to train soldiers (Education)


A Choice that was not his

A Battle that saved the stars

A Destiny that has yet to unfold

What comes next cannot be won with words but rather a gun

A soldier I am. I have spent many a year running from my past only to be pushed into the inevitable. My name is Jakar Yarrow ; helmsman, gunner, and now space pirate or “merchanteer” as I like to call it. The life of a drifter is not a pretty, its lonely, but its a life carved from your own will and the sole reason I am still alive is because I am very good at what I do. You see many of species out in the galaxy and living on a planet that comes within a breath of its destruction is no easy task to forget. The planet, Yavin 4, refuge for a rebellion against the Galactic Republic, but it was also my home not so long ago.

I was a son of a nobleman from the high Concil of Yavin 4 and was handed myself a wealthy upbringing that was structured and restrained. I didn’t see eye to eye with my father on many subjects but at a young age, I was faster and stronger than many young boys and disagreed when my father wanted me to go into the city to learn politics. It is not an area of study that I am fond of but I learned much from my handler, Ostar. I was given a rudimentary but swift upbringing. I visited my father in his council meetings and stormed the spaceport, marketplace, and slums with Ostar. The goal was to learn of the motivations of others, see the cause and effects of one’s actions, and find a way to manipulate friends and enemies alike. I admit years later that I was not the best of student of my father but I enjoyed the freedom the slums and spaceport provided. I was very bright and a quick study but physical activity just harnessed my energy.

Ostar without my fathers consent, seen that I, at 14 years of age, was trained in the arts of hand to hand combat in the Yunteh Mountains. Toro Roe, a very demanding military instructor, tested me in the arts of combat from hand to hand, gunnery, conditioning and had me learn personally in the ancient art of torture. My body strengthened, my muscules corded with muscles, and my mind learned quickly that failure is for weak men and dead men. My training was secluded, my father oblivious to my studies, for he was gone from my life for months at a time. Yavin 4 I learned had a very troubled history with both the Jedi and Sith fighting over this jungle planet like Woolamanders to fruit.

For my final training in the Yunteh Mountains at the age of 17, I was told by Roe to recieve data from this ancient tomb on the far side of the mountain. He was to recieve no help, a 1/2 gallon of water, a few strips of Woomander jerky, and the clothes on his back. I could not back down for my training taught me that there is a solution to every problem, you only have to be strong enough to withstand the blows. A ancient weapon called a sword was allowed in his final test, so I set down all my gear except the gear allowed and set off from the secluded camp that I have called home really on and off for 4 years. I struggled across the terrain and maybe one day I will tell you of this long adventure but parts of it are a mystery to even myself, and the parts I know are for me alone. It took me 13 days to find the tomb and barely surviving and it took me another 20 days to return to the camp but with me was the datapad. I stumbled into the camp but I tried to save face by giving Roe the data but then collapse at his feet.

My Father eventually found out about my training which shocked everyone including me for I have hid the fact of my location these last 4 years when i have visited the Yunteh Mountains. I find out by simple deduction that it was my handler Ostar, reporting that I returned half alive from a survival training school. I figured it was too good to be true that Ostar would be on my side and respect my privacy but obviously there was a pact between my father and him, which must mean he is gaining something from all this training he has been responsible with me all these years. I kept my own council after that and worked the underground network of Yavin 4. Through my two years underground and away from my father, I took the teachings of Ostar and reformed them to deal with shady characters and many times had to wound or kill intruders to my privacy and plans. Im very strategic planner and the only attributes I got from my father is that a deep set jaw and a natural keenness for understanding peoples motivations. So I hacked, moved cargo, stole, and did shady jobs in order to increase my scarce wealth until my 19th birthday where I saved enough money to hitch a ride on a ship called Hoctos Ascendant .

The Hoctos Ascendant was a group of shady characters, drug smugglers, and one ugly rodian captain and I picked up a view skills. Battle does not start with the point of a gun but it sure can finish one fast. Two years later, when I was 21, I found out about the battle of Yavin 4 and came straight away to volunteer to stand against the Galactic Republic. I did not speak to my father for it was obvious for many years that if I went down the path of my father, i would be a pawn in the game of houses. I had a little experience by then but was only given to being a gunner on a light scout craft. I didn’t care about the Rebellion or the Galactic Republic just about saving my planet, and earning enough money to learn my craft. After the battle of Yavin 4, I set out again with the credits I earned from the Rebellion for defending the planet. It wasn’t much but the credits did allow me to purchase some battle armor and a reliable battle rifle. There wasn’t much for anything extravagent but was given the choice in my mind of returning to the game of councils or spending the credits to my merchanteer way of life. Two years of running and doing low end jobs took me to a far out asteroid called the Starforge. It is here where my career commenses but it leads me down paths i never thought i would. The event of my cybernetic arm is a secret to most but no one does know the full story which is my own to tell.

There is a lot that happened in my past that I keep secret but keep the tasks at hand, and live day by day being a soldier is not glorious but it is a living.

Jakar Yarrow

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