Castor Pollux

Mechanic, computer hacker, former Hutt slave


Castor Pollux

Male Human Scoundrel 3
Representing Marc Richardson

Strength 15 +2
Dexterity 16 +3
Constitution 16 +3
Intelligence 18 +4
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 12 +1

Size: Medium
Height: 1.7 meters
Age: 18 (looks 16-17)
Weight: 75 kg
Skin: Light
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black; Wavy; Beardless

Destiny Points: 3
Force Points: 6
Damage Threshold: 17
Speed: 6 squares
Hit Points: 34

Reflex: 19
Fortitude: 17
Willpower: 16

Base Attack: +2
Melee Attack: +4
Ranged Attack: +5


Use Computer(Int): 10, Inititative(Dex): 9, Mechanic(Int): 10, Gather Information(Cha): 7
Knowledge: Physical Sciences(Int): 10, Knowledge: Technology(int): 10, Stealth(Dex): 9
Perception(Wis): 7

Fast Repairs
Personalized Modifications

Skill Focus: Mechanics
Improved Defenses
Point Blank Shot
Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)
Precise Shot

Castor Pollux’s Equipment
Sporting Blaster Pistol (3d4 dmg/2d4 stun dmg/S rate of fire/
datacard blank x3
Tool Belt
Stun Baton (in Backpack)
Portable Computer
Security Kit


“When the Hutts left their homeworld of Varl, they displaced the Evocii, native to Nal Hutta, to Nar Shaddaa in 15,000 BBY and immediately destroyed the remaining Evocii agriculture after the Evocii’s eviction from their own homeworld. Eventually the moon was annexed by the Hutts, who started to force the Evocii into slave labor, building spaceports and docking bays across its surface, some stretching out into orbit. Although the moon’s urbanized construction had just started, it quickly began to prosper, along with Nal Hutta.”

“In a short time, the moon was completely urbanized, and the Evocii were finally free since their work was complete. However most had died off during the construction and the few that remained, took refuge in the Undercity. Unfortunately the Evocii began to mutate into unwholesome savages due to various technologies practiced in the moon’s undercity. It rivaled the galactic capital Coruscant as an important center of interstellar trade and continued to grow. In 4,000 BBY when the trade lanes shifted, Nar Shaddaa and its planet became obsolete and were eventually abandoned by the Republic.”

“Nar Shaddaa became a criminal haven and gained a reputation of being the center of illegal operations in the galaxy, earning the moniker “The Smugglers’ Moon”. Now distant from most galactic trade centers, the moon was allowed to run its own affairs with little outside interference."

“ where I was born.”

“I was born to a family of 4, with a younger sister to watch over after we were sold into slavery by my father, who owed a local crime lord, who then sold us to Horus the Hutt to satisfy a debt.”
“I can’t focus on what we were made to do to survive, no one can. You try to please the disgusting beasts as best you can, and try not to wince much during the punishments, which were frequent, and severe.”
“I was told on more than one occasion, that lesser beings have died under the beatings and torture I went through, but I had to stay alive long enough to get my sister out of that hell.”

“Over the years we were slaves to Horus, I became adept in mechanics, as well as computers, being taught by one of one of Horus’ staff on the sly. This knowledge would come in handy.”
“It was during one of my attitude adjustments that I hear Horus major domo lament that his masters yacht has lost one of her stabilizers, and how was he going to explain that to Horus, and how we would all feel his wrath, and it was that moment that I spoke up.”
“Don’t ask me why, I think it was more of a survivor instinct.”
“Well, I explained that I was the best mechanic he’ll find, and if his lord would allow a lowly worm as myself to examine his ship, I could get it flying (and save us all beatings).”

“I must say, I was impressed that I could work with a blaster to my head the entire time, but I got that Hutt’s ship not only to fly, but I enhanced both the hyper drive and the maneuvering thrusters by 23%, which helped out Horus a few weeks later when an Local Moff in the sector, decided that he was no longer going to pay hush money for information Horus has on him regarding some of the Moff’s less than favorable actions.”

“Afterwards, I became Horus’s personal engineer. It became difficult to try to complete my ultimate plan, and Horus, knowing that as long as he had both of us, he had me, used my sister many times as leverage. But even Hutts make mistakes. I convinced Horus to allow me computer access to order parts for his yacht, and I used that to ship my sister off the moon and send her to a relatives near core. I knew I probably wouldn’t see her again, but as long as she had a chance to live, I was happy with that.”

“When Horus found out, he complimented my for my treachery, said I would make a good Hutt, then he almost killed me. I was out of commission for almost 5 months while my body healed. I still have the scar around my neck where Horus had a heated metal collar placed on me, as a warning to anyone who thought themselves too clever.”

“I worked for Horus for 4 years. During that time, we all heard about the destruction of the Death Star, and the chaos within the Empire.”
" The Hutts loved this. They took advantage on the chaos to fatten themselves up with riches, as well as place agents with both the fragmented Empire and the fledging Republic. To serve their own agenda."

“It was during this period, that while I was on Horus yacht, while he was dealing with his cousin Jabba, that I took the opportunity to slip off in the dead of night. I quickly got myself passage on a tramp freighter, changed my name, forged an I.D. and kept moving.”

“Cut to 5 months later, I find myself in the Ado sector of the Mid Rim, on the station Star Forge working for the engineering division there. It’s good pay, and I do get paid well for my service, but I am itching to take what I learned from the Hutt’s and put it to practice.”

“But I still fear that Horus has a long memory, and Hutts don’t forget. Nor do they forgive easy.”

Castor Pollux

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