It is two years after the battle of Yavin and the destruction of the Death Star space station and fallowing the aftermath of that desperate battle the Rebel Alliance still struggles under the iron fist of the Galactic Empire, but a new call has gone out for others join their fight. This call is not for the young idealist and dreams that make up a large number of the rebellion. No this call has gone out to the shadows that the outlaws, scoundrels, smugglers and renegades of the galaxy call home. After Han Solo’s success with the Smuggler’s Alliance to organize a large group of smugglers to help transport goods and personal for the rebellion, the Rebel Alliance Navy has now drafted a new plan to sign on ‘outlaw’ ships and their crew with promises of pay and clemency of past crimes upon the restoration of the Republic. The new plan code named ‘Blackguard’ has now been put into motion and the call has been sent out and answered if slower than the Rebel Navy hoped for as one by one former pirates, smugglers and other rogue ships have joined the rebellion.

One such ship named Wicked Kismet, a modified Armed Freighter Ship turned to piracy has joined the cause as Captain Torvik Pace signed her over to the service of the Rebellion, unfortunately for Captain Pace his former crew jumped ship instead of following Kismet and her Captain on this path. Now the Wicked Kismet sits in port at the space station StarForge in the Ado sector of the Mid Rim where Captain Pace has put out the call for new crew willing to sign on with him and set forth to strike against the Empire and change the fortunes of the growing Rebel Alliance.

In Star Wars Blackguard player character will be taking the role of crew members of the Rebel privateer ship the Wicked Kismet. A list of crew positions that must be filled before the Kismet leaves port are posted in the Crew of the Kismet section. The Character Creation rules have a list of character concept requirements as well. As a member of the Rebel Navy’s Blackguard fleet the Wicked Kismet will take on a number of roles, everything from privateering on Imperial shipping, to taking part in covert operations and even Rebel Navy engagements. As such the crew will need to be a good on ship as off and very self reliant as in most cases the Kismet will be operating on her own.

Star Wars: Blackguards

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