Wicked Kismet

Gozanti class cruiser 4
Gozanti Cruiser {Modified} Colossal Space Transport
Init – 8; Senses + 5


Defense Ref 18 (flat-footed 16), Fort 32; Armor +16
HP 180; DR 20; SR 50; Threshold 82


Speed fly 6 squares (max. velocity 400 km/h), fly 2 squares (starship scale)
Ranged Proton Torpedoes, Turbolaser Battery, Ion Cannon Battery, Quad Laser Cannon Battery
Fighting Space 1 square (starship scale); Cover total
Base Atk + 3; Grp + 47


Abilities Str 54, Dex 14, Con —, Int 16
Skills Modifiers; Initiative – 8, Perception + 5, Pilot – 8, Use Computer + 3
Special Qualities: Sensor Array + 2, Upgraded Sublight Drive + 1, Cargo Jettison System, Docking Clamp, Disguised Transponder (Star Witch), Hypertransceiver, Passenger Quarters, Maneuver Jets + 2


Crew Minim 6; Passengers 12
Cargo 60 tons (1 ton of smuggler’s compartments); Consumables 2 months
Carried Craft SoroSuub T-15 Landspeeder Hauler, 22-B Nightfalcon speeder bike x2 Escape Pods x2
Payload 16 proton torpedoes
Hyperdrive x2 (Backup x12), nav computer
Availability licensed; Cost 200,000 (65,000 used)

Proton Torpedoes Fire-linked (Pilot)
Atk + 3; Dmg 10d10x2, 4 square splash
Range PB 0-3; S 4-6; M 7-15; L 16-30

Turbolaser Battery (3 Gunners)
Atk + 5 (-20 against targets smaller the Colossal) Dmg 5d10x5
Range PB 0-4; S 5-8; M9-20; L 21-40
(Note: Retractable, take one standard action to ready weapon for use, Perception DC 30 to detect.)

Heavy Ion Canon Battery (3 Gunners)
Atk + 5 Dmg 5d10x2
Range PB 0-2; S 3-4; M 5-10; L 11-20

Quad Medium Laser Canon Battery (2 Gunners)
Atk + 5 (-5 too atk w/ autofire) Dmg 6d10x2
Range PB 0-1; S 2; M 3-5; L 6-10

[Note: All attacks and skills are give without crew Base Attack Bonuses or Skill Bonuses.]

Gozanti Cruiser
Was designed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, but few were actually built by the CEC. Instead, the design was leased to numerous other companies for construction, often on a special-order basis. Because of this, the same basic design was produced under different names, including the nickname given to the design during early drafts, “Brocklander” ships.

The Gozanti was conceived as an anti-piracy freighter, hence the term “cruiser,” wich is something of an overstatement. Though heavily armed for a civilian vessel, the Gozanti is essentially an armed freighter with unusually heavy armor and internal hull bracing. First produced during the Old Republic before the Clone Wars, the ship was intentionally made extremely slow, to prove to Republic inspectors that the ship wouldn’t be useful as a pirate vessel.

Kismet badgeWicked Kismet
The Wicked Kismet is a Gozanti Cruiser that was originally commissioned by the Republic Survey Service as a forward command base for long term operations. Later it was sold to a Rim Worlds trader who striped out most of the command functions to the ship other than the improved sensor array. The Kismet then fell into the hands of a young Hutt named Grelb who used it as a armed yacht at which time the laser cannon battery was changed out of the heavier ion cannon battery as Grelb liked to be in audience when those who crossed him were killed. When Grelb died twelve years ago and his holding on Tirahnn were taken by the government, the Kismet was one of those assets and deemed to costly to repair and sent to the impound yard. It was there that Kismet’s captain Torvik Pace would find the old ship and percuss her for his own use.

Torvik Pace has since add to the other modification to the original design of the Goxanti Cruiser. In addition to the expanded range of operation, advanced sensor array, passenger quarters, cargo jettison system, docking clamps and heavy ion cannon battery that others had installed in the old ship. Torvik has added a upgraded sublight drive, a new hyperdrive engine, a disguised transponder code and a retractable turbolaser battery. To fully man every weapon system and operation system of the Kismet Torvik would have to have a crew of 12, Torvik normally only runs with a crew of 6 to 8 members he does this by having the same gunners firing both the ion battery and the turbolaser battery, switch between the two batteries as the situation demands.

Wicked kismet deck plans

Wicked Kismet

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