Crew of the Kismet

Open Crew Positions and Options

Below are two list of character position ideas/options the first list is the must fill positions for the Wicked Kismet to be at full function, the second list are optional position and ideas for characters. Note a character could possible fill more than one of these positions like say the one of the Gunner Chefs could also fill the role of Security Officer. As of right now Captain Pace can fill the role of Co-Pilot, but would rather focus on being the Captain.

Needed Crew Positions

Pilot/Gunner – Kaia Larn
Co-Pilot/Gunner – Open
1st Gunner Crew Chef – Zeven
2nd Gunner Crew Chef – Jakar Yarrow
Master Technician – Castor Pollux

Other Crew Positions

Communications/Sensors Specialist – Ty Vatta
Security Officer
Medical Specialist
Requisitions and Cargo Master

NPC Crew Positions

Capetian – Torvik Pace
Rebel Alliance Intelligence Agent – Azira Vel’ra
Quad Gunner – Bringe DeBrek
Turbolaser/Ion Cannon Gunner 2nd – Nolaa Ven
Turbolaser/Ion Cannon Gunner 3rd – Open

Crew of the Kismet

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