Character Creation

Starting Level: 3rd (only 1 level of Jedi class can be taken and will have to have a ‘good’ background approved by GM)

States: Will be rolled using the standard rules of roll 4d6 drop the lowest, roll six times. Re-roll all if you have a average below a 13.

Restricted Races: Core Rule Book: (Ewok, Gamorrean are none playable) all other races from supplemental sources upon GM approval.

Starting Equipment/Credits: max for character fist class, character are considered to have clothing acceptable for the first class. All weapons percussed during character creation with a licenses of Restricted or lower come with the licenses for free, Military do not.

Jedi = 1200 (also has a lightsaber)
Noble = 4800
Scoundrel = 3000
Scout = 3000
Solider = 3600 (Errata from want is in book)

Optional Rules: Player may choice from the Destiny System from the Core Rule Book or may use the Backgrounds System from the Rebellion Era Sources Book

Concept Requirements: All the character will need to explain what has brought them to the shady shadow port space station of StarForge and what motivation they have for signing on with the Wicked Kismet and fighting for the Rebellion. Note along with pay, not much, a share of the prize, again not much, the Rebellion is offering a pardon for past criminal convictions upon the reestablishment of the Galactic Republic.

Character Creation

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