Azira Vel'ra

Bothan Noble/Scout

  • Azira Vel’ra is the daughter of the clan leader of the Ira clan which has been lead by influential Vel family for hundreds of years which has holding on a colony world in the Mid Rim. The Ira clan are well known Bothan trading organization who manly deal with luxury items and of course information for those who can afford to buy it or for it protection.
  • Despite being surrounded by wealth and best in advanced technology that her family could afford Azira was drawn to the seas and the small wooded mountain islands that surrounded the family estates. Azira spent most of her free time growing up exploring the small natural wonders and that love for exploration has never left her.
  • As Azira came of age she joined her families trading business as was expected and sold goods and information like the rest of her family. It was three years ago after personally witnessing Storm Troopers cut down unarmed persons who had dare evacuate their homes which were being confiscated to the Imperial Government. This was only one more atrocity in a long list she had seen and wishing to do what she could to help others not just make money off of their struggle Azira joined the Rebel Alliance.


Azira meet and was impressed with the pilot skills of Kaia Larn while working as a intelligence agent for the Rebel Alliance when the pilot was able to fly Azira into a unmapped landing zone in blackout conditions that let her infiltrate a Imperial Supply Depot.

Azira has been assigned as the Rebel Alliance Navy Intelligence Officer and Liaison Officer for Cpt. Torvik Pace and the crew of the Wicked Kismet.

Azira Vel'ra

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